Wrightfield Guitar Repair Dayton, Ohio
Wrightfield Instrument Salvage and Repair - Guitar Repair - Dayton, Ohio
By Appointment only - prefer email: c.wright69@ <removethis> icloud.com
(no calls before 10am please.)
Wrightfield 2018 Price Sheet

What can I do for you and your gear?
Guitar and amp repair in Dayton, Ohio!

Complete setups
re-string, adjust neck, bridge, action, intonation

Pickups & electronics
upgrades / installation / wiring / identification / modification / consultation

Pickup installation - $25 per pickup

adjust truss rod, shim neck pocket, clean and oil fretboard

reseat, level, crown, dress, buff/polish,
complete or partial refrets

set action, intonation, proper radius, dress saddles & slots

install, replace, upgrade - dress and clean

Tuning Machines
install, replace, repair

proper setup and adustment

Minor repairs
replace/re-wire wonky electronics, replace missing screws & parts, fix pesky strap buttons, clip/resize strat bridge springs, diagnose buzzes and rattles, steam out dents and dings, minor finish repair, sand or buff out scratches, repair damaged binding, pickup rings or other plastic parts, minor hardware replacement and installation

$30 - Complete setup
parts & strings extra

Call or email me for specific pricing & estimates - and/or refer to
Wrightfield 2010 Price Sheet

Custom Shop / Artistic Endeavors
pro-level relic work and hardware aging/distressing, inlay removal/replacement, various other customizations possible - I'll consult you!

I can clean & detail your dirty old hardware to make it look new, or distress your new hardware to make it look old - It's your call!

Electronics / Amps / Pedals
TUBE AMPS. Biasing, minor repairs & troubleshoot common problems, amp modifications, speaker replacement
minor/major stompbox pedal mods
custom stompbox builds
Can even do custom cabinet builds and tolex work.

I've teamed up with several other repairmen & businesses to provide high quality repairs to the Dayton area:

Chris Ivan Audio
(Vintage tube-amp repair/ tube microphone repair/ recording gear repair - Dayton)

My good friends at Centerville Music, one of the largest PRS dealers in the universe. His selection is unmatched in the region.

DRUM REPAIR! If you're looking for repair work, don't be afraid to ask me! I've had some luck repairing broken hoops and I can also grind cracks out of cymbals for a VERY reasonable rate - $10 for up to two cracks. I've even worked some magic with some that seemed damaged beyond hope. Don't trash them - call me first.


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Wrightfield Guitar Salvage and Repair's Facebook Page

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C.Wright - Dayton, Ohio
C.Wright has been wrangling guitars for 30 years, in bands such as Scorched Earth, Nostromo, the Igniters and Luxury Pushers. Currently very active in his new instrumental guitar-wrangling project: 'c.wright's Parlour Tricks' - you can check out the band via the sweet widget below:

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