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Wrightfield Guitar Salvage & Repair 2009 Price List

$5 - Oil fretboard
$15 - Dress Nut
$20 - Dress Fret ends
$15 - Dress Bridge
$35 - Dress-up package (all above for one low price)

$15 - Quick Setup (Neck adjust, bridge radius, evaluate)
$25 - Standard Setup
          (above, + set intonation & pickup height & radius)
$30 - Complete Setup (all above, + restring, clean & oil fretboard)
$40 - Deluxe Setup (all above, + buff frets to 2400)
$50 - Ultimate Setup
          (all above, + buff frets to 3600, dress nut & bridge)
$75 - Electric Revival!
          (above, + clean & detail hardware, get instrument back to 'new'-ish condition)

$45 - Floyd Rose Tremolo setup
          (subtract 10 if purchased with setup package above)
$35 - Strat or similar bridge Tremolo setup
          (this is a 'performace' upgrade, beyond traditional setup)

$5 - reseat fret
$20 - Dress sharp fret ends
$40 - Glue down sprung fret-ends.
$75 - Superglue All Frets (better coupling, better TONE!)
$50 - Buff frets to 12000, + polish
$30 - Dress up package (dress rough fret ends, nut, and bridge)
$75 - Simple Fret Level (level frets, re-crown, buff out to 2400)
$100 - Deluxe Fret Level
            (superglue, level frets,re-crown, buff out to 3600)

$10 per fret on unbound rosewood board
Add $5 per fret for ebony or other 'chippy' wood.
Add $3 per fret for bound fretboard
Add $5 per fret for high-end or pricey vintage
(don't forget, a refret typically involves installing a new nut)

upgrades / installation / wiring / identification / modification / consultation
Pickup installation : $25 per pickup
Add $15 per pickup for hollowbody
Add $10 for tele-bridge pickup
Identify or meter pickups - $5 each
Mods - generally these fall into just a couple categories:
$35 + parts - Strat switching mod to add 2 more pickup options
$20 - Volume pot high-pass (retains highs when volume rolls down, less muddy) Upgrades:
$35 - Mega Copper Cavity Shielding
$25 - replace thin cheesy wire with nice quality cloth push-back
$10 - replace output jack

NOTE: all electronics pricing assumes the guitar to be routed and previously prepared for said electronics and wiring! Adding pickups or electronics to a guitar which will require routing cavities or drilling/chiseling/augering/jackhammering/vivisectionizing, etc., will be price-negotiable and generally proportioned to the value of the instrument. That is to say: If you have something cheap or cosmetically inconsequential you want me to hack up, fine. I'll do it for a reasonable fee. But if you have something unique, vintage, or very expensive I'll either send you down south to someone reputable or it's really gonna cost you.

Shim neck - $50 (includes setup)
Plastic nut - $20
Corian nut - $40
Bone nut - $70
Drop-fill re-slot nut - $15
install Tuning Machines - $15 to $50 (depending)

Tint whitey-white neck - $30
Relic neck - prices vary, starting at about $25
...Best to inquire about pricing on other finish work.

@ $10-$15
replace missing screws & parts, fix pesky strap buttons, clip/resize strat bridge springs, diagnose buzzes and rattles, steam out dents and dings, minor finish repair, sand or buff out scratches, repair pickup rings or other plastic parts, minor hardware replacement and installation
Call or email me for specific pricing & estimates

Custom Shop / Artistic Endeavors
pro-level relic work and hardware aging/distressing, inlay removal/replacement, various other customizations possible -
I'll consult you!
I can clean & detail your dirty old hardware to make it look new, or distress your new hardware to make it look old - It's your call!

Electronics / Amps / Pedals
$25 minimum bench fee - $25/hr. after

Phew. I'll add more as I think of it...

If I can't fix it, I know someone who can!

I've teamed up with several other repairmen & businesses to provide high quality repairs to the Dayton area:
Chris Ivan Audio

(Vintage tube-amp / microphone / recording gear repair - Dayton)

United Lutherie
(Vintage guitar repair - Athens)

I've recently added
Fab Gear Drums & Music to my pool of musician services in Dayton, Ohio. He doesn't do repairs, but supplies lots of drum replacement parts through his ebay store.

Lastly, I'm proud to include
(Handmade / Boutique Tube Amps / Tube Amp Repair - Dayton) to my list of references. These tube amps are built right here in Dayton, Ohio and are true boutique quality for a fraction of the cost.
Did I mention they spank the $#!+ out of just about everything?!

And I can't forget my good friends at Centerville Music, one of the largest PRS dealers in the universe.

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C.Wright - Dayton, Ohio
C.Wright has been wrangling guitars for over 20 year, in bands such as Scorched Earth, Nostromo, the Igniters and most recently LUXURY PUSHERS . Currently working on a new project called 'c.wright's Parlour Tricks' - check out some of the demo tracks on the Wrightfield MYSPACE page.

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